📻New Bacewicz Reviews, Radio Publications

• 🇬🇧Gramophone

🌀one of the best new CD releases of the Gramophone Magazine


• 🇧🇪Pizzicato – Remy Franck


“Joanna Sochacka explores with intelligence and great pianistic culture the very different sound worlds (..) she shows extreme concentration in the slow movement, while the lively and dramatic finale is stupendously virtuoso. The pianist has no trouble either with the virtuosity of the Etudes either: she plays them razor sharp.”

🇺🇸ArtMusicLounge – Lynn René Bayley


„Sochacka opens up her recital (…) in an amazingly powerful and hypnotic performance. She is clearly a pianist who knows what she is about.”

• 🇺🇸MusicWeb International – Stephen Barber


,,Joanna Sochacka is Polish and has won numerous prizes as well as being currently a doctoral student. (…) I have already praised Sochacka’s playing. She is well recorded and wrote her own, very informative, sleevenote about the works here. Those interested in Bacewicz should not hesitate.”

• 🇺🇸WTJU Virginia US – Ralph Graves https://www.wtju.net/grazyna-bacewicz-piano-music-good-hands-joanna-sochacka/


Grazyna Bacewicz Piano Music in Good Hands With Joanna Sochacka

• 🇫🇷Clic Mag – Jean Dandrésy


Joanna Sochacka traduit avec poésie et clarté, une écriture d’une virtuosité volatile sans que le jeu ne s’assèche(…) Elle joue ces partitions avec une passion enthousiasmante.

Note 1 Music Magazine


Einspielung mit Klavierwerken Bacewiczs führt uns Joanna Sochacka diese Ungerechtigkeit besonders deutlich ‚vor Ohren‘.

🇦🇷Radio Nacional Argentina



🌀Klassik Begeistert

Interview with Jolanta Lada-Zielke



🔔 The Classic Review – Azusa Ueno


Sochacka’s performance has an austere, almost emotional imperviousness to it, but not one leads to boredom. In fact, the listener becomes an outsider eagerly looking in, trying to understand the mystery. (…) Sochacka surmounts the technical challenges with ease while clearly enjoying the playful and eccentric humor.

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🇦🇷Radio Nacional Argentina



• 🇫🇷France Musique – du piano solo avec Grażyna Bacewicz interprété par Joanna Sochacka


• 🇧🇷Cultura FM ESTAÇÃO CULTURA A música de Grazyna Bacewicz por Joanna Sochacka


,,The album “Bacewicz: Piano Work” helps to rescue the composer’s works”

• 🇺🇸NPR Classical – playlista -USA


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