✨Joanna Sochacka | Concert Pianist ✨

“She is not only playing. She lives in music…”
(Sonja Koller, General Anzeiger)

One of the most promising artists of the young generation” (Cihan Barrut, Classical Mag)

“(…)Sochacka explores with intelligence and great pianistic culture the very different sound worlds (…)she shows extreme concentration in the slow movement, while the lively and dramatic finale is stupendously virtuoso. The pianist has no trouble with the virtuosity of the Etudes either: she plays them razor sharp” (Remy Franck, Pizzicato Magazine)

“Sochacka opens up her recital (…) in an amazingly powerful and hypnotic performance. She is clearly a pianist who knows what she is about” (Lynn René Bayley, Art Music Lounge)

Sochacka’s performance has an austere, almost emotional imperviousness to it, but not one leads to boredom. In fact, the listener becomes an outsider eagerly looking in, trying to understand the mystery. (…) Sochacka surmounts the technical challenges with ease while clearly enjoying the playful and eccentric humor” ( Azusa Ueno, The Classic Review)

Joanna played recitals in such countries as Israel, France, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Moldova, Estonia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Morocco, England, Holland, Czech Republic and Germany, in many renowned concert halls, including Carnegie Hall in New York, Beethoven Haus Chamber Hall in Bonn, Royal Albert Hall in London, National Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw, National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, the Liszt Concert Hall in Raiding.